Welcome to Copper Uncovered
If you love copper and it s natural beauty please keep reading.
My father introduced me from an early age on to work with metals including copper.
In a time honoured tradition, my father passed on his knowledge and skills to me. I began my apprenticeship in 2001 and have been working with copper since then.
I love working with this incredible metal, technical precision, with eye for detail and drive to create work of the highest quality is what drives me.
In 2015 I decided to expand my copper work and created Copper Uncovered.
Before that I was installing copper and other metals on Residential and Commercial Buildings in Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.
What started as a hobby, creating pieces of art for family and friends has become the business of creating art.
I am a highly sought out specialist roof plumber with 15 years experience. My passion is to create beautiful pieces of finely crafted copper objects.
I find inspiration from life, what I see, feel, see and touch. Shaping, colouring, heating and manipulation of this metal creates objects of beauty.
My work is sold internationally, I exhibit in art galleries across New Zealand and you will find me at local markets and fairs in the Wellington region.
Each piece is an original and no two are ever the same. Copper lasts forever. Like a fine wine, copper changes over time. The natural process of oxidation gives depth to the form.
Please enjoy my page and my handcrafted copper art.
Roman Kleinstein