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Copper and Brass Art

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I am originally Swiss and came to New Zealand to work as a Roof Plumber in 2008.

In my trade we use copper as it`s used in roofing, wall cladding, guttering and down-pipes. I started making copper artwork in my spare time and kept improving it. I love copper as it`s such a special metal.

It`s been used for thousands of years and it`s so durable. Copper lasts a long time and it changes it`s colour which is a natural process called oxidation. I've specially treated my pieces with heat to make it soft which gives it that special colour.

Copper is such an amazing metal almost anything can be made out of it. I use special tools to cut it and form it.

I offer customised, individual and original pieces and I`m flexible with size shape and colouring. I offer personalised pieces with punched in names and numbers.