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Copper and Brass Art

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Do you use real copper and brass - Yes all of my pieces are made out of pure copper and brass which I buy from a metal supplier in Seaview.

Do you make all of the art yourself - Yes Every single product I make myself in my workshop in Raumati South

Does the copper work for pain ? Yes it is know to have several health benefits but most know to help with joint pain ( Arthritis )

Is copper expensive ? Yes copper is an expensive metal and the price fluctuates. Copper retains it`s value so every piece of copper is worth a bit of money when brought to the scrap metal dealer.

Will the Copper make my wrist go green ? Yes Copper oxidises naturally which is normal and happens when exposed to air and moisture. I recommend not to wear it in the shower or doing the dishes as this will make your wrist go green more likely. This doesn't harm anyone as you get the amazing health benefits from the natural part of the bracelet.

How long will it stay shiny ? Some of my art have a high quality lacquer applied. I use the best metal preserve lacquer for my art to make sure it stays shiny as long as possible however it is impossible to preserve the copper forever. The less scratches the outside gets and less moisture or outside air the longer it ll stay shiny.